My Favorite Muncie, IN Salon Names

Busi-Bee Hair Designers (I love seeing “Busi-Bee” paired with the word “Designers.”)

Classique Cut and Style (The “french” spelling of “classic” is about as classy as the word “classy.”)

Cortex (I guess they were going for the “head” connection, even though hair doesn’t normally grow from the brain. Perhaps they should have settled for a less conceptual head reference, like “Eyeball”, a part of the head that can at least see hair and even has a little patch growing nearby.)

Cuttenup Barber Shop (I would prefer to see “Cuttenup” spelled with a “K,” but I’m not sure it could still be a barber shop then. Maybe a gay barbershop.)

Don’s Suburban Barber Shop (Muncie has suburbs?)

Hair Matterz (Fu shizzle)

Hot Heads (Kind of cute in a massage parlor sort of way.)

Salon Eclipxe (Some Ball State marketing major came up with this one. I gauren-bet ya nobody in Muncie who drives by this sign knows how “Eclipxe” is pronounced.)

Shaggy and Sheek Beauty Salon (Sounds like a dog salon. What does “sheek” even mean?)

Simply Red Hair Care (Niche marketing at its finest.)

Styles From Above (I never trust people who feel the need to have a religious reference in their business title. Makes me think they’re hiding something.)

Cream Cuts (For some reason this one makes me a little sick to my stomach. I should never have to wonder whether a place is a hair salon or a “meat and three.”)

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16 Comments on “My Favorite Muncie, IN Salon Names”

  1. lmb Says:

    So how do you pronounce Eclipxe? And is it some weird Muncie thing nobody else in the world knows about? When I first read it, I just read it as “eclipse,” but then when I tried to say it out loud, I found it a bit more troubling than that. Eclipse-keh? Eclipsy?

    And I think you’ve inspired me to make a list of all the hair salons on the South Side of Chicago. Maybe storefront churches, too, just for the helluva it.

  2. Troy Says:

    My friend Adam will correct me if I’m wrong,but I think “xe” is used to create a “zhe” sound in China. Or is that “xi”?

    So maybe it’s “eclipzhe.”

    Can’t wait to read your lists.

  3. Chris Says:

    I love this blog, Troy!

    I used to go to this little hair joint in Dallas called “The Hair After.” (Yes, I’m embarrassed to admit it.)

    Also, there’s a place here in San Diego called “Curl Up and Dye.”

  4. Sally Says:

    It’s not a styling salon, but my friend Katie has a consignment store in Nora called “Out of the Closet”. I think that’s pretty good.

  5. Justin Says:

    I know i have been in hot headz once or twice.

    When I was there (92-95) there were 2 big salons for the muncie hipsters (oxymoronsezwhat?), one on jackson near campus and one on McGalliard. I forget which was which.

    And then one of the more popular stylists set up an eponymous salon in the downtown area.

    and his name was Pez.

  6. Troy,
    This post was so cutting edge! Ha haaaaaa, ha haaaaaaa.

  7. Citizen D Says:

    Great post. I especially love your comments about Classique Cut and Style. I suppose this is for another post, but why do sports analysts, when referring to a coach or player who treats others with respect, constantly say that he or she is a classy person? Sadly, I think I know the answer (limited vocabulary) but I like to think otherwise.

  8. jennie Says:

    I’m not believing Curl Up and Dye. Wow.
    Loved this post, Troy!

  9. justin Says:

    Just remembered – the Cortex is the inner shaft of a strand of hair.

    And here’s a bit of hair trivia: the hair of some minorities, especially African American hair, often does not have a cortex.

    Are implying “Cortex-only?” Probably not – but that’s what i choose to infer…

  10. Troy Says:

    Justin, such revelations! This makes a little more sense I guess. I still think I prefer Eyeball. Wouldn’t it be funny if Cortex salon focused on removing the cortex from strands of hair?

  11. Justin Says:

    that would be south muncie. down on the strip.

    so the suburban kids could be that much more street.

    coz you know them muncie kids is hard-core.

    I’ve seen “lazy muncie” – i know how they kick it…

  12. momunderground Says:

    “Sheek” must be a phonetical spelling of “chic?” Wrong on purpose or just plain stupid I wonder??

  13. Marcie Says:

    Are you going to do INdy’s, because I’m sure they have an array of wonders that never cease!! 🙂 Very entertaining and enlightening!! Now, I must check out a salon…which one would give me the best bang for my buck?

  14. Don Says:

    since my blow dryer is a sheet of paper, allow me to suggest that at one time Indianapolis had a salvage shop called Den of Antiquity. I regret that I never visited there.

  15. Nadine Says:

    Just wanted everyone to know that “Cortex” is a great salon you all should give it a try. Were the best,but we will never be named eyeball. And no we would’nt focus on removing your Cortex because in some cases that would probally involve frying your hair.

    Thanks Nadine from the artistic salon Cortex hair center 🙂

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