Handing Chicks to a Fox

The gospel reading and part of Pastor Mike’s sermon on Sunday was about how Christ longed to gather Jerusalem’s prophet-stoning prone citizens like a flock of chicks beneath a hen’s wing (Luke 13:31-35). I’m sad as I see a part of Jesus’s would be flock shunned and scattered.

Two weeks ago Anglican primates around the world gave Episcopalians (U. S. Anglicans) until September 30 to stop blessing same-sex unions and appointing clergy who are gay or face being shut out of the Anglican Communion. Peter Akinola, Archbishop of Nigeria is leading the pack of foxes (to borrow an apt term of Christ’s) to threaten Episcopalians.

Surprisingly, the leader of the U. S. Episcopalian church, Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, agreed to persuade U.S. members to roll back support of gay and lesbian members and clergy, even though she has been a strong supporter of their full inclusion in the past.

“My view hasn’t changed, but I’m called to be pastor to the whole church.” (Time-AP)

Bishop Schori, God love her, chooses to see the communiqué as an invitation to dialogue, even though it reads as an obvious threat and power play. I have a message for Bishop Schori: Show some Christ-likeness and grow a pair. You can do it now or do it later, and I understand the desire to maintain communion, but do it.

We are called to follow and imitate Christ. Abandoning part of your flock so that an institution remains in tact is far from what he was about. Jesus defended the defenseless before defending religious institutions, frequently at the latter’s expense. He, in fact, advocated leaving the flock and going after the lone sheep.

As you deliver part of Christ’s Church, even temporarily, as a hostage to Akinola and his band of religious thugs, you deliver your flock to foxes and wolves. I can’t imagine Christ doing the same.

Ironically, as much it pains me to admit it, Akinola and his bunch are also my fellow chicks, we’re probably all the prophet-stoning kind from Jerusalem that Jesus referred to in Luke. The Kingdom of God is so freakin’ complicated!

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One Comment on “Handing Chicks to a Fox”

  1. Mike Mather Says:

    Dear Troy,

    I’ve got to say, that in this posting lies a line that would be one of the greatest sermon titles of all time and could be applied to any number of contemporarky situations. That line? “Show some Christ-likeness and grow a pair.” To my mind you make a very good analogy that the Bish is acting more in concert with the fox than Jesus ever would. Jesus simply called a fox, a fox, wept a tear or two — and kept going and wouldn’t be dissuaded. Yes, he would weep that the disciples didn’t seem to get it. And I guess we aren’t in so different a place today. But I’m glad you have helped me see it and remind me of it — “It” of course, being the challenge to turn away when someone accuses you of hanging out with tax collectors and sinners — the appropriate response is “you are SOOOOO right — c’mon join the party.”


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