My Boy’s 38!

Baby John

See, John’s always been cute, inside and out. He was five when the riding lawn mower picture was taken with his Papaw. They were best buddies. He died before we had a chance to meet down here. (Sorry the pictures on the right are cropped. Don’t know why.)

While I was clubbing my poor sister with a pitching wedge, John was becoming an Eagle Scout. Tell me he ain’t workin’ that khaki. The quilted jacket is so hot.

Eagle scout

Happy birthday to the reason I have Lost in Love as one of my ringtones.

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6 Comments on “My Boy’s 38!”

  1. Katy Says:

    Cute, Cute, Cute, too Cute for words. I love the pictures. Need to see more. I hope John had a wonderful birthday,and I am sure he did.
    Is it still snowing there?

  2. Sally Says:

    From one knitter to another, Happy Birthday John!

  3. jennie Says:

    Happy birthday, John!!

    The picture on the tractor is my favorite. Everyone should have a Papaw tractor picture.

  4. Rachel Says:

    You got a looker, and a handy man! I love that picture of John’s feet on the table. Grace used to do that in her high-chair! Happy Birthday, John!

  5. crystal Says:

    Happy Birthday John!
    And I am laughing at him with those feet propped up on the table, like he paid for it.

  6. adam j Says:

    happy birthday, john!

    great pics, i love the external frame pack and red canteen…

    i don’t think troy quite made eagle scout, but i do recall that he was quite handy when making smores on church hayrides.

    actually, i do have an outdoorsy memory of troy.
    i remember going hiking in the winter at bailey’s pour-off with troy, matt, lori, jennie and julie.
    in a deft maneuver fording a small creek (there were a number of deft maneuvers that day, lori almost took a header into a huge mud puddle) troy managed to land, luckily on his feet, in the frigid water up to his knees. as he was already soaked and both boots were filled with water, he then piggy-backed everybody else across the creek. i remember matt wanted to build a fire and dry out troy’s clothes and boots, but troy was starting to get cranky so we just went home.

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