Supersize Me! Indianapolis Mega Churches

Tram from the family life center to the sanctuary

Quotes from an Indianapolis Star article on recent growth spurts in Indianapolis mega churches:

Traders Point Christian Church

Traders Point’s new church even includes a two-story indoor children’s area that executive minister James Stanley describes as “a McDonald’s PlayPlace on steroids.”

You know you’ve arrived when you’re more steroidy than a McDonald’s PlayPlace.

E 91st Street Christian Church

Aside from adding space, the current project includes building a new road connecting the church with Castleton Square Mall, creating better visibility.

“It was our second choice. Our first was to boot Macy’s and take their space, but God wasn’t giving us the green light–something about zoning violations. I tried to tell Him, ‘have you seen that giant plastic playland over at Traders Point? It’s so hot right now!’ But he didn’t bite. Finally we just decided to wait on the Lord- because Von Maur’s lease is up in a few years. It’s not as big, but that marble floor is totally worth the wait.”

Rev. Derek Duncan, who has seen the church’s weekly attendance grow by 2,000 people since his arrival four years ago. Aiming for 10,000 is a practical matter and an idealistic one for Duncan…”Ten thousand isn’t a magical number,” Duncan said. “We just felt like God could use that many to make a dent.”

Yeah. Silly Jesus. Trying to do it with 12.

Back to Traders Point Christian Church:

The place is so big it also will host regional conferences, such as a fall event with Focus on the Family.

Before I even looked up this “fall event” on the internet, I knew what it was–mega church, Focus on the Family, Indiana working to pass a marriage amendment? This can only mean… sure enough, FOTF’s ex-gay snake-oil sideshow “Love Won Out,” where phony research, sub-standard psychology and a cheap, tinny version of “love” will be trotted out to influence politics here in Indiana. How fitting that it will be hosted by a church that places value on besting McDonalds, another place where you can get cheap, bad-for-you food from who knows where.

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8 Comments on “Supersize Me! Indianapolis Mega Churches”

  1. First of all, I love the picture. Secondly, when I first heard you say, “Love Won Out” this morning, my visually inclined mind kept picturing the words “Love One Out,” which in my mind would be some sort of push to actually love people so much that they would feel comfortable coming out. Who knows? Maybe we can start that one.

  2. Duane Says:

    Maybe the FOTF folks can get Ted Haggard to lead out now that he’s completely cured! (PTL!!)

  3. Ben Says:

    You should feel fortunate that there are only a few in Indy. I think there is a new zoning law in the Metroplex that requires one every 8-10 miles. Scary to think that Preston Wood Baptist told the Dallas Morning News how they were using the Walmart model to expand. And to think that I was so close to getting away from the McChurches.

  4. Troy Says:

    If Haggard doesn’t qualify as a keynote speaker for these ex-gay conventions I don’t know who does.

    Ben, what do you mean so close? You all aren’t thinking of staying in Texas are you?

  5. lmb Says:

    This was a fitting post to read after watching Jesus Camp just the other night. I am now having nightmares about Christians. Why is it that all religions seem to have one sect that is so radical and so utterly insane that they ruin it for everybody else?

  6. justin Says:

    tis true, down in the d-plex they spring up like starbucks.

  7. Ben Says:

    Don’t worry, I’m still coming back to Indy. Quick correction, it was Fellowship Christian that was using the WalMart model.

  8. […] Dobson and My Ex-Ex-Gay Life Focus on the Family will be in Indianapolis this weekend at Traders Point Christian Church putting on one of its ex-gay 101 conferences, ironically titled “Love Won Out.” The […]

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