Colts No Choke!

In stunned amazement, I and much of America watched an Indianaoplis team win a National Championship. Y’all know I can’t be bothered to watch most sporting events (and I have big problems with spending 80m, including tax dollars, on a new stadium when that amount of money would pay to repair every one of our crappy streets). But even I have to admit that last night’s game was about as good as it gets: dicey weather, a shocking first play, close score most of the game, likable players and coaches, excellent half-time show (Prince looked totally comfortable surrounded by that crowd while being drenched with rain. And that band was inspired.)

We watched the game and stuffed our pieholes for three hours with Marc and Karen at Marc’s mom and dad’s house. After we won Karen, Marc and I hauled it down to Monument Circle (center of the city for my non-Indy readers) because I knew there would be a party going on. John, the sane one of us, opted to go home since it was 7 degrees outside.

As we got closer to the Circle the city was PACKED with cars! Five lanes deep–all honking and yelling. Traffic moved so slowly that a lot of people got out of their cars and danced as they rolled. People were crawling all over the Circle’s monument hugging, high-fiving, waving flags with complete strangers. Confetti was pouring out of windows above. There were times I was speechless and sometimes even a little scared. I’ve never seen Indianapolis get this excited about anything. You would have thought the Berlin wall had just fallen.

When we started to lose feeling in our face, finger and toes (windchill was -20), we headed back to the car.

I didn’t have my camera, but Karen did, so when she gets her photos up I’ll post a link here.

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4 Comments on “Colts No Choke!”

  1. Sally Says:

    I can’t believe you were one of those crazy people I saw from the helecopter pictures on tv! It was a once in a lifetime thing, so I’m glad you got to participate. It is amazing to see everyone in the area rally around this team. They all seem like such decent good people. Sometimes the good guys do win, and we all get to celebrate that. Hooray for Indianapolis, Hooray for the Colts!

  2. jennie Says:

    I was so happy for you guys when they won! And I’m impressed that you watched it, Troy. 🙂

    Sorry I didn’t ever call you back this weekend – I’m really bad at returning messages (if you haven’t already noticed). 😦

    I’ll send you an email with the info you requested.

  3. david Says:

    You are so straight it’s not even funny!

  4. Troy Says:

    Hardly, David. But 7 years in an “ex-gay” ministry where they encourage you to watch sports with your straight guy friends was bound to have some effect.

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