Julie Totes a Wad


My friend Julie drove five hours, all the way from Cleveland just to hang out and spend the night with us this weekend. She came bearing gifts, from Christmas ornaments to vegetable totes. And best of all she brought this picture of her brother David that she normally keeps on her mantle. I love David, and I always enjoy this photo when we are at Julie’s house. Now that he’s all growed up with his own youngin’ I hardly ever get to see David in person, so she just popped him in the car and brought him with her. I love everything about this picture.


We had big plans to go to a movie and church, etc., but our only trip out of the house was a lame visit to the T-Mobile store to get a phone for me that works. (My fourth attempt this week and we still didn’t have any luck–the only reason the salespeople don’t hide in the stock room when I show up is because they work in a kiosk in the middle of the mall).

Actually, Julie and John did make a trip to Mass Avenue Knit Shop (his favorite) while I cleaned up. The rest of the time on Saturday we sat around and talked about Julie and Taboo’s wedding plans, watched Legend of Boggy Creek (Julie needed to brush up on her Arkansas history), and threw around house design ideas. Julie made the most perfect batch of homemade popcorn I’ve ever had–not one kernal left unpopped. No lie.

As John taught Julie to crochet I fiddled with my laptop, frustrated because my Mac was not compatable with any of the phones T-Mobile was selling. Poking around on the Internet I found the video of Steve Jobs presenting Mac’s new cellular phone. We ended up watching all two hours of it (kind of sad, this). But that phone is incredible. We all decided to get one. I’ll get mine when our T-Immobile contract runs out .

Sunday was frigid, so we fired Sam up and sat next to him drinking hot tea, then mimosas (John remembered he’d bought a bottle of Champagne for my birthday) and then more tea. We meant to go to church, but didn’t get around to it. Instead, we ate John’s perfect soft-roasted eggs and cut up some vegetables for snacks and made some dip to go with them.

When we cut the bottom of this bunch of celery we were amazed at how pretty it was.


Julie, who is planning a wedding inspired by a fruit and vegetable garden (love it) in the walnut orchard at her parents’ home, shared with me that her mother, Miss Pat, had expressed concern about her walking down the aisle holding a “wad of vegetables.” I told Julie we should send her mom this picture and tell her it was the bridesmaids’ bouquet. We decided Pat had enough to worry about at the moment.

David (G, not Julie’s brother) dropped by to berate us for not going to church. I took it in silence because I could see he also brought a bag-o-presents with him, and I didn’t want to ruin my chances of getting to open them. I’m glad I played it cool.

Time got away from us (funny how that can happen even when you are doing nothin’). Julie took off around 3:00. It was so fun to have some homefolk come by for a visit. As always I was a little sad to see Julie go.

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9 Comments on “Julie Totes a Wad”

  1. david Says:

    Thanks for having me over T-Julie is spectacular and quite a cool girl. I like her a lot and my middle name is Petway.

  2. Sally Says:

    I’m planning on getting an iPhone when it comes out this summer too. David told me all about your friend Julie, she sounds too cool for school. Next time she comes for a visit, perhaps we should set up a “meet and greet”.

  3. Chuck Says:

    Troy, Meant to write to say I enjoyed the last post, but i get to see more McClains on today’s too! Especially fun for me.


  4. crystal Says:

    oh how sweet! that she just popped in for a visit. and i learned 4 new things about julie (and albeit you, Mr. play-it-cool-so-i-can-have-my-bag-of-gifts) in this one post….
    and is it wrong that i am ready to go home and see if the insides of my celery look like that? I wonder if it matters that it’s a little limp?

  5. jennie Says:

    My favorite part of this post was when you talked about your T-Immobile contract. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Julie said she had a great time – I wish we only lived five hours away!

    I’m also very jealous that she got to meet David and that I’ve never tasted her homemade popcorn. Who knew?

  6. Troy Says:

    Crystal, I think three celery bunches cut this way with some cream or off-white candles and maybe a couple of whole artichokes, all in a pretty, flat bowl would make a great centerpiece. I doubt if it matters that the celery is a little limp. Just soak it in some ice water for a few minutes.

  7. juliebelle Says:

    what kind of place is this? pa(i)nthers under the house…y’all need a coke?

    David–count on me for Team Kiefle this year!!


  8. david Says:

    Hells yeah you’ll be on Team K. We’re getting matching sweaters and all.

  9. Katy Says:

    As usual, I know you all must have had a great time, wish I lived closer too.

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