A Great Gift from My Mom

Okay, I promise this is the last post that will focus on me for awhile, but my mom sent a package with a bunch of pictures from some of my birthdays past. You must behold how unkind the 70s were to hairstyles.

1 Year

Ok. Still in the late 60s here. Look how sharp my dad looks with his mighty thin tie.

Two Year

Me establishing dominance over my cake.Β  Cake, cake, cake. Loved it then, love it now. Karen made me a great one at work by the way, homemade white cake with lemon curd filling. It was outstanding.

In the Truck

A birthday in the back of my grandfather’s truck. My sister laughing with chains draped around her neck is hilarious to me. And I’m totally digging the wizard sleeves on my cousin Kara’s mini-dress. She’s always been so hip. Don’t know where Howard was. He was proabaly a’ skeart o’ them chains. We never stopped laughing when we were together, even though it looks like I’m getting a little nap in here.


I’m no trekkie, but sign me up for more blue velour with gold metallic stitching. I got this shirt for my birthday–and loved it! Wore it all the time. In retrospect this kind of surprises me. I’m not big into logos.


Some of you who read my blog also check out Trim and Fashionable and Gunstream Girl. Well, here’s a picture of these girls when they were three. Does “cute” get any cuter than two angels in pink pajamas, and you know they were footie pajamas. I love that Lori is getting ready to snap Julie’s hat down on her head, and I see so much of Chuck’s sons in this picture. David’s oh-so-large glasses and roomy grin, however, take the cake. Seriously, if I’d known how much joy I would get from this photo 27 years later, I would have picked that cake up, turned around and just handed it to him right then and there. He was (is) so sweet and fun all of the time, and man does that show here. McClains always have been a party waiting to happen.

Thanks Mom!

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12 Comments on “A Great Gift from My Mom”

  1. Howard Says:

    Happy Birthday Cuz. Don’t know where I was in that picture. Ususally it took both of us to fend off the pelting of pecans from our big sisters. Both of them probably should have been in chains!

  2. jennie Says:

    Wow – I loved these pictures so much. Such a nice trip down memory lane!

    I, too, loved the picture of Christie laughing. I agree with you, though – David definitely wins for best picture.

    One of J’s favorite pastimes is to look at pictures of young David. πŸ™‚

  3. juliebelle Says:

    mr. jim is stylin’!! he might be in the running for most trim and fashionable (don’t tell jennie).

    you know, it is a big deal that you got a cake from the aluminum pan. that pan had a sliding metal lid. every self-respecting southern home should have a pan like that to be filled with goodies and special treats for visitors. nanny keeps iced brownies and sticky cake in the pan at all times. loved the dried sugar embellishments on your cake.

    loved the trip down memory lane. thanks.

  4. juliebelle Says:

    i should clarify that the brownies and sticky cake were on a rotation. they were never simultaneously in the pan.

  5. Troy Says:


    “Should have been”?

  6. kara Says:

    Great pictures!

    What the heck am I holding on top of my head in the chain picture?

  7. kara Says:

    Didn’t you have a gold “star trek” shirt too????

  8. Howard Says:

    Troy, I think I also remember a gold Star Trek shirt on you. Long time ago though, I could be wrong. I remember playing Star Trek at big house that was being built near you house. Was that Quail Vally? Or the current house?

    Kara, we do get along well now, but there are many times growing up I would liked to have wrapped you in chains and whacked you with a cue stick. Well, at least I did do the last part once…

  9. Troy Says:

    The gold shirt you refer to was a Winnie the Pooh shirt (gold shirt, long sleeves, from Sears with a small emblem of Winnie the Pooh on the chest). I wore it a few years before this.

    We played Star Trek (at the Branstetter’s house when it was being built) because our insanely bossy neighbor Randy down the street made us. He was ALWAYS Captain Kirk. Despite the fact that I had the shirt, Randy’s brother Robbie was always Spock. I was relegated to being Dr. McCoy and, of course, Christie was Lt. O’Hura. My office was “upstairs” in the just framed house. I had to cross 15 feet on an 8-inch wide plank suspended over a 10-foot drop to get to the Bridge. I usually crawled on my knees. No wonder I’m not a Star Trek fan.

  10. Howard Says:

    That is hilarious! You remember all of that! I think I only played Star Trek with you guys one time. I’m sure it was at one of the Thanksgiving gatherings, but I don’t remember for sure. But it was fun. But I do remember a very bossy Captain Kirk though. Too Funny!

  11. Katy Says:

    I am loving all of this, how quickly these 40 years have passed.
    Howard, I don’t know where you were, probably hiding from Kara and Christie, they had probably made a very rash promise to Troy to get him in the back of the truck and then pushed him out or made him jump, yes, I think they would have done that.

  12. crystal Says:

    oh my goodness….i swear all ya did was eat cake and be merry πŸ™‚

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