Epiphany on Skates–Of Death!

Happy Bouters

I believe in celebrating the “O” birthdays (40 in my case) in a big way. When you celebrate a January birthday in Indiana, a goal like this can be challenging. Weather is hardly ever on your side. We’d been planning an “Epiphany on Ice” party (an ice skating, but not necessarily a birthday party) for January for a few years now.

Then Duane said his sister had started a women’s roller derby team and that their first “bout” would be January 13. Knowing that it would be hard for some folks to resist that no matter what the weather was doing, I asked John if we could make that my party. He said yes, but suggested we fold the ice skating in, too. I loved that idea, and he and our friend Karen started planning.

We ended up with a progressive party–starting with ice skating at the Fair Grounds, then pizza at Marc and Karens, and then back to the Fair Grounds for the first bout of the Indianapolis Tornado Sirens. I wore my kitty hat, which was a big hit with the the ladies (ages 7-13). As I wobbled up the ramp to get on the ice, a little girl gasped in my direction and said “Is that a kitty hat?” I said, why yes it is. “I LOVE it,” she replied.

I think I enjoy being envied by little girls simply because there is no one else who will do it. There were many little girls to parade that hat in front of, since evidently all the ones in Indianapolis have their birthday parties at the skating rink, too. The kitty hat didn’t get me as many looks as the sparkly tiaras I got from Gayle, William, Thistle and Duane, Todd, Daniel and Mari (Yes two tiaras!! One really can’t have too many.).

Skating was a blast, but many of us decided we need to do it more than once a decade to get full enjoyment out of it. Duane, Mr. Practically-perfect-in-every-way, of course, took to the ice like a sobered-up Tara Lepinski. Very fun to watch.

We fueled up on pizza, cake and Twizzlers (my favorite candy) at Karen and Marc’s. John and I had gone to the Dollar Tree the night before to get party favors (my favorite was a video of “The Making of Left Behind, the Movie“). Mike took that one to protect every one else from seeing it. We gave the favors out then since not everyone could go to the Derby.


Let me tell you, this is the real deal. When I say we trounced the Nashville Rhythm and Bruise, I mean it literally and numerically. It was hard to photograph the action because everyone moved so fast. If it hadn’t been for Marc and Karen’s camera, no action would have been captured (I can’t find mine, again!).


Here we are post-victory laps with Lilly Whip (Duane’s sister Elizabeth) in the jersey on the left and her team mate Busty Sanchez (I suspect you can figure out where she is).

Karen and Marc
Our hosts and fellow planners, Karen and Marc, modeling their party favors–fuscia, sequined slippers and plastic arm guards.

My party man and me. John worked so hard to make this a great party, and by any measure it was. I cannot imagine a better way to turn Foh-ty.

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10 Comments on “Epiphany on Skates–Of Death!”

  1. Sally Says:

    Man, that looks like such a fun party! I also wore a tiara for my 40 birthday party, we were meant to be friends. You are lucky to have someone as special as John. Be sure to keep us updated as to when the next rollergirl (match, meet, throwdown, event) is. I know a lot of people that want to go.

  2. jennie Says:

    Why did I think your birthday was Thursday, the 25th? Happy birthday! I wish we lived closer so we could participate in all of your fun celebrations. Julie and I will be 30 this year, you know…

    The pictures are great. I can’t believe you lost your camera again. What are we going to do with you, Troy??

  3. lmb Says:

    HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    I am long past being classified as “little,” but add me to your list of kitty-hat admirers. Rrreeow!

  4. Troy Says:

    Jennie, you remembered correctly. Thursday the 25th is my actual birthday. We celebrated on the 13th, because the roller derby was too good of a party centerpiece to pass up.

    And Sally, the next bout is February 3. I recommend you come early (about 6:15 p.m.) to get your tickets if you want a seat. Last event was standing room only. Hope to see you there!

  5. Troy Says:

    Oh, and thanks to my readers who didn’t bother to point out of my spelling errors. I was writing this early in the a.m. and in a hurry!

  6. Katy Says:

    Troy, your progressive birthday celebration looked like so much fun. What a fun night, and such an appropriate time to wear the kitty hat. John and all of your friends did it up right for you. How many people get to ice skate and go to a Roller Derby for their birthday? I love the pictures.
    I had a very fun 40th, but it didn’t compare with yours.
    Happy Birthday to you.

  7. Citizen D Says:

    First, Happy Birthday!

    Second, I cannot think of a better way to celebrate a birthday than at a roller derby. Sorry – I know that wasn’t all the party consisted of, but I am totally enamored with the derby.

  8. crystal Says:

    do u remember when they showed the roller derby on tv (usa i think)? i used to watch the fool out of that and wrestling. couldnt’ get enough….

  9. david Says:

    40 years old and look at your skin…perfection! Presents await!

  10. adam Says:

    wow, what a cool party… happy 40th captain troy (reference to star trek t-shirt in your old pics… i have a vauge recollection of you with the bowl cut and sea-blue spock shirt, i think i remember feeling jealous). with i could have been there for the party and though i hate skating i would have much enjoyed wearing your kitty hat.

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