It may be gray and dead outside, but things are hoppin’ on “the Internets.”

I’ve been meaning to highlight a few bloggers that I find to be worth reading (my life has been way too busy, lately). I know all of them and each has a unique perspective on the world.

Potterdad is just that and a whole lot more. Duane is a ceramicist (painter, all around arty guy) who lives on a great farm with his partner and two kids, a dog, a few chickens, turkeys and some horses. He and Todd have encouraged John and I on many levels.

Watching From the Rafters belongs to our friend Don, who is a keen knitter/storyteller. He started a group at our church called Clicking for a Cause that knits/crochets burial clothes for babies that die at birth (turns out nice things aren’t made in such small sizes. They are now.).

Another amazing knitter has started her own blog–Sally at Big Sky Mind is literally just starting out.

Finally, a former museum colleague and book fiend, Laura over at South of the Loop has a literary bent and I really like her style. I feel in the loop when I read her stuff.

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One Comment on “Blogs-a-Bloomin’”

  1. Duane Says:

    Thanks, Troy, for the mention! I know what you mean about being way to busy, but I will definitely take a look at the other new blog pals.

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