Marriage in Massachusetts? Maybe not for Long

Who should decide if your family is worthy of the same protections as others? And what if your family always will be part of a minority, never more than 1-10% of a population?

Now, what would you do if some families like yours were protected, but it was illegal for yours to be?

This is the direction the religious right is pushing in Massachusetts.

It is legal for families like mine to be married in MA, but for how long? Back in 2004 the MA Supreme Court said there was nothing in the state constitution that prohibited any two consenting adults from being married and that MA gay couples could be wed.

So did the fundies decide to do? What a bunch of other states have done, namely to make their constitution discriminatory after all. Yes, the legislature decided to let the majority vote on the civil rights of a minority. If an amendment banning gay marriage passes, weddings that happened prior to the amendment will remain legal, but future gay marriages would be illegal.

How’s THAT for twisted?

In one article I saw a protester who is against changing the constitution carrying a sign that said, “Start Acting Like Christians.” I look forward to the day when these folks start thinking and acting like Christ instead of pretending to speak for him.

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One Comment on “Marriage in Massachusetts? Maybe not for Long”

  1. Katy Says:

    When will “Christains” start acting like “Christains”?”
    Another political football.

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