Christmas Eve Fun


John’s mom came down to celebrate Christmas Eve with us. We had dinner and then relaxed before Broadway’s Christmas Eve Service.

We put Claire’s Christmas clothes on her. She liked the velvet-collared jacket, but wasn’t crazy about the pearls. I think she thought they made her look a little like Barbara Bush.


We had to be at the church at 10:00 p.m. to practice bells, which means we got to listen to Chris on the organ, Ron on the cello, and a couple I don’t know on the harp and violin practice. I’m always amazed at how beautiful these instruments sound together.


The altar was beautiful. I loved the flowers Don used. I would have been stumped coming up with something to work with a nativity scene? But the tulip, spider mum, evergreen combo was just right–simple and elegant, and still special. My new motto with flowers is, when in doubt, go with tulips.



T’wana sang an incredible version of “I Pray on Christmas.” Though I don’t think we always recognize it, our church has a deep connection to the blues. It’s been through a lot and T’wana’s song brought it all out for me. We probably have a ways to go yet before we truly get in touch with our blues side.

The service was so beautiful, but as Mike reminds me, it isn’t our building or even the incredible music or his pithy and profound sermons that makes us beautiful, but all God’s people.

Speaking of beautiful people. Look at Scott and Darlene below. After I showed them the photo on my camera, Scott said it looked like they were headed to the Rose Bowl. (Another friend, also named Scott is actually going to the Rose Bowl with his friend Terry. I’m jealous.)

Scott Darlene

When we got home John made us a round of champagne cocktails to celebrate the first minutes of Christmas. It was a great day.

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3 Comments on “Christmas Eve Fun”

  1. david Says:

    Claire is gorgeous.

  2. jennie Says:

    Did anyone tape the Christmas Eve service? I’d love to hear T’wana’s song.

    LOVE the family picture.

  3. Katy Says:

    Troy, I hope there will be a cd of the Christmas music. I am still listening to my Christmas music, still have all of the decorations up, and will have for a couple of weeks I am sure. They just add cheerfulness to the house. Need to spruce up my Spring decorating..
    Claire does look so good in her Christmas things, and was so good wear her special things all day on Christmas day, especially the pearls, they made the outfit.

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